Wednesday, January 5, 2011

SwarfWorks GSG1911 Thread Adapter

I recently picked up an SWR Spectre for some quiet plinking and with that purchase, I decided I needed another host for the Spectre.  The list of qualified applicants for a .22 suppressor is a long one. There are quite a few options out there and after looking around I decided on the new GSG1911.

The GSG1911 was a bit of a strange buy for me as I have never had any inclination to even acknowledge the 1911's existence. I've never been attracted to them.  When out shooting and someone brought out their new 1911 I never had the urge to look at it, etc.  I read a post on concerning the GSG1911 and decided if the poster was having so much fun with the gun, I wanted in on the action, so I picked it up.

The GSG gun is a German made .22 caliber 1911 and being German it is threaded in metric. Metric is great, except for the fact that I bought this weapon as a host for my Spectre which is threaded in 1/2-28, so I began searching for suitable thread adapters and came across the SwarfWorks website.  Something (maybe the combination of motorcycle parts and gun bits) about the site said to me "this is a company who is just as much into the hobby as they are into manufacturing items for it." So I decided to give them a shot and I am glad I did. 

When the adapter showed up I was extremely pleased and could not wait to get it onto the gun.  The adapter came with both the adapter and a knurled thread protector.  I only had to wait about 2.5 minutes, as the install is very simple.

Step one - Remove GSG thread protector.

Step two - Installed SwarfWorks thread protector

Step three - Go shooting!

 I am very pleased with my SwarfWorks thread adapter and have no reservations recommending this to anyone who might be in the market for both a GSG1911 as a suppressed plinker! Give Paul an e-mail and let him set you up!

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