Monday, June 20, 2011

10/22 goes LTR with help from Nodak Spud.

I recently picked up a Ruger 10/22 in a trade.  The gun was in really good shape, but I had plans on it from the get-go.  I was looking for an iron sights, Liberty Training Rifle type setup.  However, I also wanted something that if I wanted to mount another optic on, it would easily done.  The gun will be having some changes done to it over the next couple weeks, but I had to get started somewhere and some iron sights was the start.

I had seen a few posts from Nodak at that they would soon be coming out with a version of their NDS-37 rear sight with an integrated rail and made specifically for the Ruger receiver. The NDS-37 is made to fit the Nodak NDS-22 receivers only.

Nodak put out the NDS-25 made for NDS-22 only and quickly on the heels was the NDS-26 which is made for a stock Ruger receiver, so I made the call and placed an order for the NDS-26 with the NDS-40 front sight, which works with the stock Ruger barrel. They also offer a .920 option for those running a bull barrel.

When the items arrived, I was pleasantly surprised.  They are obviously very well made units.  I couldn't wait to get them on the gun. 

I started with the NDS-26. I started with removing the stock scope rail and installed the NDS-26.

A small close up of the peep sight. This whole unit is very solid.
I removed the stock scope rail and screwed the NDS-26 to the receiver.  I think it took me all over 2 minutes to get it all installed.

Once the rear sight was installed, it was time for the front sight to be installed. The NDS-40 is made to fit on the stock Ruger barrel, once the stock blade sight is removed. The NDS-40 is comprised of an AR-15 style front sight post, hooded sight base with set screws to attach it to the barrel.

To remove the factory blade sight, I wrapped my barrel in a shop towel and chucked it into my small gun vise and simply knocked it out using a drift pin and a small hammer.

With the front sight removed, it's time to install the NDS-40.  I took some Blue Locktite and put a little on the threads, just to give me some additional holding power on the set screws.

... and installed.

I have not been able to shoot the setup yet, but I have been able to "pretend."  I think I am going to enjoy this setup and will come back and update the post when I get a chance to put some rounds through it.

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