Monday, June 20, 2011

New goodies from Rimfire Technologies

I consider myself to be somewhat of a .22 caliber fanatic. I really enjoy the caliber. It's a lot of fun to shoot and is extremely affordable. When you can pick up 1,000 rounds for less than $50, that's some bang for the buck.

I've been asked many times "What is the best .22 rifle out there?" Well, there are obviously quite a few to choose from but often times one of the most common answers - Ruger 10/22.

One of the first things most will notice about the 10/22 is the 10lb "lawyer trigger." This was one of the first items I wanted to fix. To modify your own trigger group is relatively easy, but I wanted to save a little time and go with a drop in unit and after reading quite a bit on numerous forums, I settled on the Rimfire Technologies parts.

I picked up the RT Adjustable Sear and Hammer kit along with their "Full Width Trigger." I went with the trigger, as to adjust the sear the stock trigger needs to be drilled, and while this is a simple task, I figured it'd be best to just pick up a unit that was already drilled, I also wanted a bright red trigger.

Deluxe Hammer and Adjustable Sear Kit
  • Precision Cut Hammer
  • Adjustable Sear
  • Oversize Hammer and Trigger Pivot PIns
  • Hammer Bushings
  • Trigger Install Slave Pin
 Full Width Trigger

The install of these items was all very straight forward by following the included instructions. The install took a total of around 30 minutes. Most of the time spent on the install including trimming the stock trigger group housing back to all for the width of the trigger. I also took a minute or two and used a stone to remove ~0.20" off the tail of the sear to allow the safety to engage with no issues.

If you can take your trigger group out of the weapon, you can install your own RT trigger, adjustable sear and hammer.  

I've been able to put approximately 1,500 rounds through the Rimfire Technologies trigger group now and am extremely happy with it.  The more I have shot it, the trigger parts have worn together and is a very nice group. 

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